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EPS arch end cutting machine control regulation:

1. operators should be familiar with the structure, performance and safety knowledge of machined parts.

2. check whether all kinds of safety protection equipment is complete and clean.

3. check whether the motor and saw blade are loose.

4. The machine can be fed and cut after the operation is normal.

5. After the saw blade is blunted, it should be repaired in time. When changing saw blades, check whether the saw blade is damaged or cracked.

6. in the process of operation, check the operation of equipment at any time, find abnormal phenomena, stop and repair immediately.

7. After the work is finished, the power supply is cut off. Clean the equipment clean.

EPS arch end cutting machine features:

1. The special saw blade and alloy saw tooth make the EPS face more smooth and the saw blade more durable.

2. 0.8-1.4 meters in diameter.

3. Slide rail type table top makes the operation more convenient and safe.

4. the scale bar positioning device makes cutting easier to locate, precise and efficient.

Note: the functions of the above equipment depend on the specific type.

Jin Ding Heng can give you more than equipment / provide a full range of EPS line production application solutions!

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