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Characteristics of double side grouting machine for insulation board

1. Automatic wiping and pulp spreading can be completed synchronously at one time. The efficiency is fast and the frequency conversion speed can reach 0-20 meters / minute.

2, using the unique upper and lower roller to pressure design, positioning guide rod technology, accurate positioning, accurate positioning of the direction of the warehouse, high precision of the mortar coating, deviation not more than 0.2mm, ensure the uniform and uniform thickness of the mortar coating. Longmen adopts a rapid and convenient micro adjustment method of circular rod guide, which can adjust the Dragon according to the size of the workpiece. The width of the door saves the amount of the template and mortar.

3, template replacement, positioning accuracy and speed, saving time and effort, greatly improving the production efficiency.

4, adopt unique operation and drive mode to ensure stable operation and no jitter.

5. The high strength roller structure is used for the front end of the coating machine, which is durable.

6, the rear end detachable folding structure is easy to clean and easy to maintain.

7. The operation is simple and easy. Only 3 people can be put into production.

Note: the functions of the above equipment depend on the specific equipment.

Jin Ding Heng can give you more than equipment / provide a full range of EPS line production application solutions!

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